Force Lubrication System (FLS)


Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger

Shell and Tube heat exchangers are most commonly used heat exchangers because they have wide range of operating temperatures & pressures. The construction of these coolers is such that it allows ease of disassembly for cleaning and periodic maintenance. The major reason for this general acceptance is the provision of large ratio of heat transfer areas to volume and weight. We design & manufacture Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers of varying heat loads. Understanding needs of our customer, our technical team provide a perfect solution. These heat exchangers are either FIN TUBE type or PLANE TUBE type.

TEMA standards are referred while designing of a Shell & Tube Oil Cooler

Centralised Lubrication System

Dual Line Centralised Lubrication System using Oil and Grease for process industries such as sugar mills, cement mills, paper mills, textile mills, etc. These systems serve the purpose of controlled lubrication when the number of bearings are more and hence individual attention to the bearings is not possible.

Air Dryer

These heat exchangers can be employed for cooling or heating of air or cooling of water using air. The material of construction of tubes and fins is usually Stainless steel. Depending on the customer application, the construction material can be customized. Typical applications of Air Dryer are in:

Hydraulic Power Pack & Spares

Hydraulic Power Pack
We provide customized quality power packs for actuators used in cement and sugar machineries.

We provide all the necessary spares required for a Forced Lubrication System & Centralised Lubrication System:

An expert and experienced team available at your service for overhauling of Forced/Centralised Lubrication systems and Oil Coolers with all the essential equipment's.

IBR Works:

  • Boiler up- gradation & repairing
  • Piping design, supply, erection & commissioning
  • PRDS design, supply, erection & commissioning
  • Air heater, Wet scrubber, Feed water heater
  • De-aerator, Silencer, Ducting modification
  • Supply of travelling grate/dumping grate

Non-IBR Works:

  • Travelling Grate
  • Carriers used in Sugar/Cement industry
  • ESP components
  • Stainless Steel Equipments
  • Services & Maintenance in this concern